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  • Julia
    As always, be picked up at the last minute before the release, what will it take to lose weight. It does not matter which I did not expect it, but with the cartridges Reduslim I've lost 7 lbs in two weeks!!! Now, I was on vacation, nothing to obscure!
  • Anna
    With this program you lose weight easily and in a way, invisible, because they just want to eat less food. Don't snack constantly, and where it is needed, and that you will need and extra pounds begin to melt away, as if it were a hand.
  • Daniela
    Notice the effect of the Reduslim in the first week. No other tool did not work for you! And over a month of use, I have lost 14 pounds, which is, for me, a lot.
  • Peter
    Before, I never took a medicine for losing weight, but, apparently, the time is now, it's become hard to carry a warranty. I was lucky enough that the wife should be Reduslim it is a tool, just accept it, and the effect is immediately visible.
  • Andrea
    In the early days of the intake of these capsules, it is significantly better than what has become the feeling, it has become a joyful and vibrant. And then, the weight has to come out. The results for the month and I have lost 10 kg while eating the same as always, no diet.
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